Neusoft Reach releases the latest generation of ADAS mass production products and automotive basic software products NeuSAR

2018/6/22 Neusoft Reach 46

[June 21, 2018, Suzhou, China] Today, Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Neusoft Reach”) officially released its latest generation ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) mass production products, various models Passenger cars using this series of products are also officially put into mass production. The series of ADAS products integrates the NXP vision processor S32V. The first models to be put into production are the FAW Pentium SENIA R9. It is expected that the number of production models of this product will exceed 1 million in the next 2-3 years. At the same time, Neusoft Reach NeuSAR product is also officially released, it is a cross-platform, versatile, high hardware adaptation rate, and supports application-level development of the vehicle basic software platform. The release of these two products demonstrates the determination of Neusoft Reach to accelerate its entry into the international market in the fields of autonomous driving and electrification.

Dong Yang (second from right), executive vice president of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Fan Lijuan (first from left), director of intelligent network application room of FAW Jilin Automobile Co., Ltd., NXP Semiconductors Yi Shenghai (second from left), general manager of Greater China, and the general manager of Neusoft Reach (first from right) jointly launched product launch

Neusoft Reach released ADAS mass production products belonging to L0~L1 level autopilot products, supporting alarm and control functions, including M.BOX and X.CUBE series, and its image processing engine chip adopts NXP The S32V product is the world's first production version of the ADAS product based on NXP's chip solution. The product is highly integrated, flexible and scalable, and meets ISO26262 functional safety standards and related regulatory requirements. At the same time, the product is also expanding L2 level features.

In recent years, autonomous driving technology has developed rapidly. In addition to prototype research and development, mass production products are also constantly put on the market. More advanced functions, safer and more accessible products and experiences have become hot spots for automobile manufacturers and mass consumers. The series of ADAS mass production products released by Neusoft Reach will meet the strong demand of L0~L1 automatic driving mass production products in the current market, which indicates that Neusoft Reach has officially entered the competition of international similar products with high cost performance products.

Neusoft entered the ADAS field as early as 2004 and is one of the first companies in the field to enter the field. As early as 2007, Neusoft became a member of the International Organization for Standardization Intelligent Transportation System Technical Committee (ISO/TC204), a representative of China in the field of ADAS, AD (automated driving), and a deputy director of the domestic ITS Standardization Committee. After the establishment of Neusoft Reach in 2015, relying on Neusoft's accumulation and technology precipitation in the field of ADAS and AD, the technical route based on mass production of chips and sensors to gradually release autopilot products was clarified. Several ADAS warning functions have been mass-produced. For passenger cars and commercial vehicles, it is expected that mass production of L2 or higher will be produced in 2020.

Neusoft's NeuSAR product, which was released at the same time, is based on AUTOSAR (AUTOmotive Open System Architecture) and is designed for OEMs and component suppliers who independently develop automatic driving systems. A system platform for communication and computing architectures, including AUTOSAR, AUTOSAR Adaptive, and serial development system tools. NeuSAR is the basic software platform for surface vector production. Combined with the hardware solutions provided by NXP, it can provide a complete set of technical solutions for both customers.

With the increasing proportion and complexity of software in the car, there is an urgent need for a new automotive infrastructure software platform to promote automotive software standardization, expandable, scalable, and mass-produced automotive software, as well as “standardized vehicle control”. . The release of Neusoft Reach NeuSAR will fill a gap in China's automotive basic software field and provide strong support for the future development of new energy, intelligent network, system opening, function expansion and production standardization. To create more possibilities for the development of China's auto industry.

Yi Shenghai, General Manager, Greater China, NXP Semiconductors Controllers and Processors Division

Yi Shenghai, General Manager of Greater China, NXP Automotive Automotive Controllers and Processors Division, said: "NXP has the world's leading technology and experience in automotive electronics. This integration of NXP's latest autopilot vision processing system ADAS Mass production of products demonstrates NXP's deep understanding and insight into the autonomous driving market. NXP is committed to providing tailor-made solutions for Chinese automakers, enabling users to achieve a safe, comfortable and reliable smart driving experience. Work with partners to achieve innovative, revolutionary, automotive industry innovations."

Dr. Cao Bin, General Manager of Neusoft Reach 

Dr. Cao Bin, General Manager of Neusoft Reach, said: “The automotive industry is developing rapidly towards the trend of electrification, intelligence, network networking and sharing. The strategic deployment of Neusoft Reach coincides with these trends. This launch ADAS mass production products and NeuSAR products reflect the ability of Neusoft Reach to deeply understand the future of the industry, continuously transform leading technologies into functionally safe products, and accelerate the entry into the international market. In the future, Neusoft Reach will continue to actively promote with its partners. The development of the automotive industry is committed to realizing the dream of human freedom by providing products, platforms and key technologies for the next generation of automobiles."

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Neusoft Reach is an innovative company with automotive technology as its core, focusing on electric vehicles, intelligent network, autopilot and car sharing, providing next-generation automotive products, platforms and key technologies. In the future, Neusoft Reach will be committed to becoming a reliable component and intelligent network technology supplier for vehicle manufacturers, and is committed to building a global leading new energy vehicle travel service provider by integrating diversified technical capabilities and resource services. For more information, please search for the Neusoft Reach public number: neusoftreach

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