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2018/4/20 Neusoft Reach 18

In order to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries on charging communication protocols, and to enhance the in-depth understanding of domestic and foreign experts and enterprises on the industrial application of ISO15118 protocol standards, as the only member of the ISO/IEC15118 standard working group, Neusoft Reach is fully authorized by the organizing committee. , from April 16 to 20, 2018, hosted the ISO15118 series of international conferences in Shanghai, China. This series of meetings has been actively participated and highly recognized by many domestic and foreign automobile companies and experts. The experts at home and abroad have exchanged in-depth discussions and the discussion on the spot was enthusiastic. The successful holding of this conference played a decisive role in promoting the cross-regional work results of the ISO15118 working group and promoting and guiding it in China.

The conference consists of four parts: ISO15118 Working Group Meeting (April 16th to April 18th), ISO15118 International Industrialization Application Seminar (April 17th afternoon), ISO15118 and GB Working Group Exchange Meeting (April 18) Day afternoon) and the 8th CCS Interoperability and Compatibility International Testing Conference (April 19 to April 20). The ISO15118 working group meeting is a face-to-face meeting of all members of the ISO15118 working group. This meeting is from Daimler, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Renault, Siemens, ABB, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, CharIN, Neusoft and others. The 37 ISO15118 working group members of the manufacturer conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the optimization of the ISO15118 standard and application scenarios. As the only working group member in China, Neusoft Reach discussed the problems of domestic vehicle pile communication with global experts and shared the experience and achievements of Neusoft Reach in applying ISO15118.

The ISO15118 International Industrialization Application Seminar has brought together more than 100 experts and scholars at home and abroad, and more than 70 domestic and foreign participating manufacturers. BYD, Yutong, SAIC, Beiqi New Energy and other domestic car companies, star charging, Putian New Energy, Shandong Luneng and other charging pile manufacturers were invited to participate. At the same time, China Automotive Industry Association, China Automotive Technology Research Center and China's electric vehicle charging infrastructure promotion alliance and other domestic industry standards bodies also attended the event. Under the auspices of Neusoft Reach , the guests discussed the challenges and opportunities for domestic manufacturers to apply the ISO15118 standard and how Chinese companies can adapt to the actual needs of overseas markets. At the seminar, Liu Yongbo, the director of Neusoft Reach electronic control business line, delivered a welcome speech and briefly described the development history of ISO15118. Neusoft Reach participated in the ISO15118 standard setting as an important member of the working organizing committee. Xu Yanhua, deputy secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and secretary general of China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, said that China's new energy vehicles and charging facilities are developing rapidly. At this stage, the standards of domestic and international vehicle-pile communication technology standards are quite different. The charging alliance is actively building. The interconnection platform considers introducing international charging communication standards into domestic standards and increasing power line carrier communication on the basis of compatibility with existing AC and DC charging standards. Through this conference exchange, the charging alliance work will further optimize the application of charging standards and continue to improve the vehicle and charging network interconnection platform.

On the afternoon of April 18, the exchange meeting between ISO15118 and the GB working group was successfully held. Enterprises such as ZTE, China Electric Power Research Institute, China Power Enterprise Association, NARI Group, and Putian New Energy attended the event. The guests at the meeting communicated on the topic of Chinese and foreign standardization, including experience sharing and communication in wireless charging, large-scale charging, and AC charging. Liu Yongdong, deputy director of the China Electricity Enterprise Association Standardization Center, said: Over the years, we have been paying attention to the progress of ISO15118. Both China and foreign countries have made relatively great progress in standardization. We are very willing to strengthen the relationship with the ISO15118 working group. Chinese companies have gone further on the international stage.

Nearly 70 manufacturers at home and abroad participated in the 8th CCS Interoperability and Compatibility International Testing Conference. The number of participants exceeded 200 for the first time. The CCS Interoperability and Compatibility International Testing Conference has become a large platform for standard and technical testing exchanges at home and abroad. The joint charging system CCS is the official charging solution for the European Union and is now in force and will be fully implemented in 2017. Europe will fully adopt the ISO15118 charging communication protocol in 2020. As the first company in China to pass the ISO/IEC15118 standard test, Neusoft Reach has always been committed to promoting the development of this standard in domestic industries and applications. At this test conference, Neusoft Reach EVCC and SECC charging equipment and many international cars The manufacturer's equipment was tested on-site and successfully completed the standard compatibility test.

As a global standard for charging communication, ISO15118 uses Internet communication technology to achieve flexible, reliable and secure transmission of large data volumes. The ISO15118 protocol standard covers the following areas: Simple payment & billing, Optimized load management ), Additional PEV-customer services, AC/DC Charging control, WPT-charging control, Reverse Power Flow, and automated equipment Automated connecting device. The ISO15118 standard protocol was started in 2008, and the joint charging system CCS was developed in 2010. The first car pile using the CCS system was completed in 2011. In just 8 years, the ISO15118 series standard was dominated by Europe and received Strong support and recognition from governments and manufacturers in Europe, the United States, South Korea, Canada, etc. Currently, there are more than 4,500 charging piles using CCS and more than 100,000 vehicles carrying CCS on the road. In 2018, 21 CCS-equipped models, including the BMW i3, Mercedes-Benz EQC, Volkswagen e-golf, Honda Clarity Electric, Audi R8 e-tron, will be on sale.

Neusoft Reach is an innovative enterprise that focuses on electric vehicles, intelligent network, autopilot and car sharing, and provides platforms and key technologies for the next generation of automobiles. It is of great significance to host this event. Neusoft Reach not only assumes the responsibility of being an important member of the ISO/IEC15118 standard working group, but also contributes to the development of China's automobile industry. The conference set up a bridge for discussion and exchange between domestic and foreign industries, and became a model for communication and cooperation between technology and application in Chinese and foreign charging communication protocols, providing more possibilities for domestic car manufacturers in the development of vehicle pile communication technology.

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