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NeuSAR-Software Drives Future
NeuSAR is an automotive basic software system developed by Neusoft Reach that complies with AUTOSAR
Faster development, more resource-saving; more reasonable pricing and flexible authorization; less technical barriers; strong localized support to help OEMs meet Chinese and international standards.
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Based on the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform standard, it is mainly for high-performance computing scenarios such as autonomous driving above L4
Based on the AUTOSAR Classic Platform standard, it is mainly for traditional high real-time scenarios (traditional electronic control products)
It provides users with a graphical interface to configure aCore and cCore codes, and helps users with code integration and other tasks. It is auxiliary tools of aCore and cCore.
Executed by ECU after PowerOn or Reset. It performs some ECU and related hardware initialization and checks whether there is an external refresh request.
Domain controller
It is used to build intelligent network controllers such as power system, integrated controllers of electric drive system, domain controllers of autonomous driving, IVI, V2X, etc.
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