Intelligent Connected Vehicle
Business deployment
· Focus on vehicle connection business, provide modern connected product and technology service to vehicle connection
· Create mobility service platform and ecosystem, provide the whole life cycle service to user and vehicle
· Develop technology evolution of AI+big data, expand connected big data application and ecosystem added-value capacity
· Started in 2004, focus on ADAS and ADS core technology R&D and productization.
· Technology domain covers video analysis, embedded high performance computing, sensor fusion, decision planning, vehicle control and etc..
The Autonomous Driving Laboratory focuses on the research and development and commercialization of high-level autonomous driving core technologies. Research and development covers core areas such as sensor fusion, obstacle detection, tracking and prediction, high-precision mapping and positioning, slam, planning and strategy, and vehicle control.Establish a close strategic cooperation relationship with the new energy travel service platform to provide valet parking based on automatic driving, automatic car return and automatic inter-network scheduling and other services.
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