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EV power
Business deployment
Integrated Product, Product Solutions, Product Lifecycle Management and Service for EVS around the world.
The team started in 2012, focusing on the development of battery management systems . Experts in the team have participated in the drafting of relevant national standards many times . We have cooperated with many well-known customers at home and abroad, with cumulative shipments exceeding 60,000 sets.
EV System platform
By coupling the affecting EV competitiveness parts(battery system、drive subsystem) and vehicle thermal management, we are building system-level product which can Substantially improve the range.
EV Data Intelligence Platform
· Ensure battery safety, optimize battery life, and support electrified design
· Through machine learning and deep learning model analysis, the safety of vehicles is detected, fire and explosion events are reduced, the residual value of battery life is predicted, the vehicle owner's experience and vehicle value are improved, the vehicle after-sales service system is empowered, and data is used to define the battery ecology.
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