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A long-established participant in cybersecurity, standard implementation, and threat mitigation Enabling Secure & Intelligent Connections
•      Professionally, Comprehensively & Efficiently
•      Solving Today’s Cybersecurity Challenges In-depth Protection for Vehicles, Cloud Servers, and Transmission in Between Throughout the Lifecycle
Strengths in Automotive Cybersecurity
High Integration
Over 20 years’ experience in automotive electronics and cybersecurity An integration of Neusoft automotive electronics and cybersecurity product lines Automotive cybersecurity protection throughout the life-cycle
Strategic Cooperation
Establishment and participation of industry alliances (ACIA, TIAA) with OEMs and Tier1 suppliers
Cooperation with OEMs for establishing security labs to strengthen capabilities in cybersecurity
Partnership with security hardware suppliers for optimized integration of security hardware and software

Cybersecurity Standardization
A member of ISO/TC22 ISO/SAE/JWG for developing ISO/SAE 21434
A member of UN/WP29 CS/OTA for developing cybersecurity and OTA specifications
Participation of cybersecurity standard and specification development by CATARC, TC 260, CAICV, etc.
Certifications & Qualifications
Various certifications and qualifications in automotive electronics and cybersecurity
Well-qualified to provide cybersecurity products, solutions, and services to OEMs and Tier1 suppliers
Cooperation cases
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