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aCore is a basic software based on the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform standard for high-performance computing requirements such as autonomous driving. It adapts to more communication modes and meet application requirements of automotive connection, high automation and autonomous driving. Through the development of aCore and extension layer interface framework technology, it promotes intelligent and network-product development and business innovation, which benefits the entire ecosystem.
Product advantages:

· Compliant with AUTOSAR Adaptive software architecture

· Extended application development interface

· Posix system ( adapted to Linux, QNX system on various hardware)

· Dynamic deployment of application and layout update

· Perfect security mechanism

· Perfect hardware abstraction

· Service-oriented communication mechanism

· Module standard enhancements

Application scenarios of NeuSAR aCore

In order to deal with various auto industry trends in the future,
NeuSAR aCore is oriented to high-performance computing and
massive data throughput demanding scenarios, such as
autonomous driving, car networking, and new energy.

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