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Develop vehicle connected and intelligent product
and technology, help realize the connection between vehicle and all,create smart mobility service ecosystem platform

· Focus on vehicle connection business, provide modern connected product and technology service to vehicle connection

· Create mobility service platform and ecosystem, provide the whole life cycle service to user and vehicle

· Develop technology evolution of AI+big data, expand connected big data application and ecosystem added-value capacity

Free Mobility
Sharing Mobility
Public Mobility
Smart mobility service Platform
Intelligent Connected Platform
Create intelligent mobility
service space
· V2X
Intelligent Cockpit Product
Intelligent, humanitarian man-machine experience
· CP/SP Aggregation Platform
· IVI Lightweight Solution
Intelligent Cloud Product
Create OEM intelligent vertical
integration application
· RTM EV Monitoring Platform
· Smart Battery SaaS Service
Intelligent Connected Vehicle Service Platform
AI & Big Data
Basic Capacity Platform
OS platform to intelligent connect vehicle
E2E Security Protection Platform
Security guarantee of everything connected ecosystem
Mobile equipment
Charging pile
Module entrance
PLC communication, PP test, CAN communication, Diagnosis service
Neusoft Reach participated in drafting 10 Chinese V2X standard, 14 international standards, Reach is the main member of 5GAA, CITS, TIAA, CCSA; demonstration experiences with multiple OEMs; undertake the first domestic mass production project
Product Presentation: the content aggregation of 50 applications in 12 categories, covering cellphone, vehicle info system and smart home, development and enrichment constantly, create an intelligent mobility experience by experiential service
Mobile phone provides 4G service to vehicle system by saving data cost for OEM.Project APP installed in mobile phone to vehicle screen by saving development cost for vehicle info system.
Product Presentation: As one of the makers of national new energy vehicle monitoring standard GB/T32960, Neusoft Reach aims to create EV monitoring platform for OEM while providing related one-stop solution(terminal+platform+data).
Create the battery whole life cycle management and operation platform for OEM, the basic functions include demonstration screen, battery monitoring, statistic center(real-time/historical statistic analysis) and battery big data(DeepEV subject analysis), the expanded functions include battery aftersales, intelligent BMS, operation center and battery care, the aim is to provide full service to OEM and car owner and have successive operation.
Product Presentation: Neusoft Reach intelligent connected platform, with powerful hardware data collection capacity and rich internet content resources, by intelligent integration technology, provides personalized mobility service to customer.
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