Neusoft Reach's Automonous Driving Laboratory has top technical talents and excellent technical research and development capabilities.

Committed to polishing out the safest and smartest L4 level autonomous driving technology to realize the dream of human freedom to travel

The Autonomous Driving Laboratory focuses on the research and development and commercialization of high-level autonomous driving core technologies. Research and development covers core areas such as sensor fusion, obstacle detection, tracking and prediction, high-precision mapping and positioning, slam, planning and strategy, and vehicle control.Establish a close strategic cooperation relationship with the new energy travel service platform to provide valet parking based on automatic driving, automatic car return and automatic inter-network scheduling and other services.

Smart Campus
Smart Campus is an experimental field provided by Neusoft Reach in the technological innovation brought by scene-driven autonomous driving and other technologies in Neusoft Dalian Campus.Based on autonomous driving, combined with vehicle-road collaboration technology, aggregate car services, wireless charging, etc.,
Automatic Valet Parking (Dalian)
Automatic Valet Pickup (Dalian)
Automatic Car Return in the city of Shenyang and Neusoft Shenyang Camous

Automatic car return (Shenyang)

Scenes and routes

· About 6km aournd Neusoft Shenyang Campus

· Users can call the car through the trial operation APP, eliminating the inconvenience of only returning the car at a fixed branch

Autonomous Driving on Main Road

Scenes and routes

· Shenyang Campus as the center, diverging to the city main roads in many directions

· Covers many important transportation hubs such as airports, railway stations, subway stations, etc.

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