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Quality assurance
Innovative and pragmatic R & D team, professional / highly concerned about customer needs, supporting the rapid development of the company and customer business
Complete development system
Innovative and pragmatic R & D team, professional / highly concerned about customer needs, supporting the rapid development of the company and customer business

• International Team

• Sophisticated professionals and knowledge reserve

• Multi-industry experts

• Ndustry experience 95%

• More than 50% of doctors & Masters

• 100% Bachelor

Modular development
Perfect development system
International quality system certification

• IATF 16949:2016

• GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015

• OHSAS 18001:2007

• ISO 26262 ASIL-D

• GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015

• GB/T 28001-2011

• Automotive SPICE PAM V3.0 Capability Level 2

CAE simulation
Comprehensive quality assurance inspection, high quality products and services

• Step by step refined simulation analysis from product parts to pack

• Reduce development cost≥30%

• The simulation experiment is continuously corrected, and the simulation accuracy is greater than 90%

• Reduce development cycle time ≥20%

• 30% reduction in manufacturing costs

Part level CAE simulation
CAE simulation
CAE simulation of PACK
PACK-Thermal Management System Design and Simulation
It has the ability to design a variety of vehicle thermal management schemes, uses multi-dimensional multi physical field thermal coupling simulation technology, and comprehensively verifies the design scheme in combination with experiments to ensure the thermal performance, mechanical performance and durability of the pack system

• Optimize parts strategy

• Increase vehicle distance

• Improve power efficiency

• Improve product life and reliability

Thermal management system
Design of heat pipe scheme based on multi-dimensional simulation technology
Simulation analysis
• Thermal management performance test
Flow resistance

• Flow resistance


• High temperature fast charging

• High temperature slow charging

• High temperature and long distance driving Climbing at high temperature

• High temperature charge discharge cycle


• Low temperature heating

Heat preservation

• High temperature insulation

• Low temperature insulation

• Temperature shock
Temperature shock
Heat Humid Cycle
Simulation joint
Based on the calibration of the basic characteristics of the core from the test data, the thermal management, energy flow and working condition analysis from the subsystem to the vehicle level are carried out, and the control strategy and energy optimization are realized
Complete verification system
The parts level, subsystem level and pack system level by level verification system meet the national standard verification standard, Reach Corporative verification standard and customer customized verification standard to ensure product quality
International verification
Enterprise verification standard
Customer verification criteria
Automatic intelligent manufacturing
More than 80% of automatic production, whole process data tracing, 2 factory locations to secure delivery.

• With independent R & D and design of cell separation and feeding process, module grouping and laser welding process, pack assembly and testing process, intelligent storage and logistics management system, etc. leading the industry, the factory has achieved more than 80% of the automation of production and testing process automation.

• PDM, sap, MES multi system interconnection platform, reliable and comprehensive manufacturing collaborative management platform, complete product production data and full process data traceability

Technology reserve
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