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EV System solution
It’s a comprehensive solution which integrates the hardware and software from component level, service level, subsystem level, solution in management level to achieve the most effective EV thermal and electric energy usage.
Component level

· Including Actuator(MG、pump、compressor、electric valves etc.)

· Sensor(current、voltage、rolling speed、temperature etc.)

· Basement(NeuSAR)

· Application(MG-ECU、Battery-ECU、conditioner-ECU etc.)

Service、subsystem level

· Powertrain domain control 、Cabine domain control etc.

Management Level

· Thermal management,Electric power management

PTC-less module
Replace PTC function by using the heat of other hardware in system

1. Heat from E-drive system to replace PTC heating battery pack, reduce the cost of PTC.

2. Double cooling structure can optimize heat exchange rate, fully use the heat from E-drive system to improve EV system heat utilization.

Smart Thermal Control module
Extend cell lifetime by big data and temperature control strategy

1. Reflect cell aging degree and trend by cell big data collection and analysis, building aging model.

2. Calculate aging degree and trend by aging model, judge if adjust the cooling strategy.

3. Start multiple heat management system to adjust EV system level cooling strategy, restrain the aging.

Temp-Anticipate module
Temperature control by anticipating battery temperature, the solution can keep operation running in high efficient area all the time.

1. Programming route and charging time by Navi.

2. Predict battery temperature variation to decide if cooling it in advance.

3. Judge the cooling requirement from battery and allocate system cooling source.

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