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EV Data Intelligence Platform

Leading a new era of EV big data, focusing on AI, data empowerment

· Ensure battery safety, optimize battery life, and support electrified design

· Through machine learning and deep learning model analysis, the safety of vehicles is detected, fire and explosion events are reduced, the residual value of battery life is predicted, the vehicle owner's experience and vehicle value are improved, the vehicle after-sales service system is empowered, and data is used to define the battery ecology

Aging Analysis
Security Analysis
Basic Analysis
Module entrance
Statistical analysis of vehicle operation, driving behavior, charging and discharging conditions, and fault conditions to facilitate customers to understand the true working conditions of vehicles.
Detect EV failures, provide accurate warnings, discover potential safety hazards in advance, guide efficient exception handling, and reduce corresponding after-sales maintenance costs
Accurately assess battery life, analyze battery attenuation factors, complete battery life prediction, and assist vehicle manufacturers in understanding the status of the entire vehicle.
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