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Aging Analysis
Neusoft Reach big data, which can accurately assess battery life, analyze battery attenuation factors, provide battery life prediction services, let the battery play its maximum value, help manufacturers to accelerate the design and development of new batteries, and capture market opportunities.
Life assessment
Using big data model to accurately evaluate the battery life, quantify the overall and individual vehicle battery life trend, and lay the foundation for the reliability of battery evaluation.
Attenuation factor analysis
From the aspect of vehicle performance correlation and battery mechanism, this module analyzes the factors of battery attenuation in an all-round way, finds out the real influencing factors, effectively helps enterprises locate problems and optimize products.
Life prediction
Forecast the life interval from different perspectives, such as region, operation mode, etc., and combine the attenuation mechanism, different scenario applications, multi-dimensional comprehensive residual value evaluation to maximize the residual value of vehicles.
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