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Security Analysis
Based on the accumulation of vehicle life cycle data for many years, Neusoft Reach has established a set of its own abnormal database system, which combines the GB / t32960 standard to monitor new energy vehicles in the whole process of second level, early warning of potential risks, finding potential safety hazards in advance, greatly reducing the failure probability of accident vehicles, guiding efficient exception handling, reducing the corresponding after-sales maintenance costs, and providing enterprises with reliable security
Alarm analysis
Based on the vehicle alarm reported by evcc, analyze the historical data of the alarm and provide multi-dimensional report service.
Anomaly analysis
For real-time and historical data, anomaly detection and early warning are carried out, and analysis forms of different dimensions such as time and level are provided.
Real-time monitoring
Covering voltage, current, temperature, insulation resistance and other abnormal indicators, it is pushed to the mobile terminal by real-time message according to the severity level.
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