The China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance (EVCIPA) is a project supported by the Ministry of Finance and the National Energy Administration to realize the interconnection of pile-to-pile, car-to-pile, enterprise, province, city and national platforms. Solve the multiple dilemmas faced by users, such as difficulty in finding or using piles, and difficulty in payment; It is used for government management, charging infrastructure construction, charging infrastructure industry operation, and providing basis for policy-making; providing services to the industry and related enterprise to promote vehicle-pile integration, as well as for the healthy development of the industry.


China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, as the competent unit of the national platform, is responsible for the overall management of the platform. The functional development and operation of specific platforms are in the charge of Neusoft Reach.

Platform features

The follow-up work of the EVCIPA will continue to align the charging infrastructure and electric vehicle data links, improve the charging behavior data, make the vehicle charging behavior data traceable, energy saving and emission reduction data can be calculated, and the vehicle pile information data can be counted, and it will also plan for the functions such as instant charging . It will gradually expand and enrich the functions of the national monitoring platform based on the opinions of the country and industry.


B2B charging information cloud platform



The National Charging Platform Charging Alliance is a non-commercially operated national monitoring platform that provides information for governments, enterprises, electric vehicle users, and society. It promotes the interconnection of charging infrastructure. It is responsible for statistics and evaluation of the construction and operation of charging facilities, and provides relevant data services for governments, enterprises, and society.


On the basis of starting the construction of the EVCIPA in 2016, the China Charging Union further improved the information platform function in 2017, completed the large-screen construction and online work of the information platform in 2018, and upgraded from the information platform to the monitoring platform in 2019, and In response to the dynamic development of the industry, the introduction of data fusion has been carried out in a timely manner. Up to now, the platform data access of major domestic charging pile operators has been completed. The access standard follows the national information standard 2015 version. The terminal access equipment covers DC and AC , AC and DC integrated type, for key regions and provincial platform access, complete the docking work of provincial charging infrastructure platforms such as Shanghai, and subsequent provincial platforms in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hainan, Jilin, and Yunnan will be successively connected The information data of the national monitoring platform works comprehensively. The vehicle architecture information integration of vehicle companies has been opened in the system architecture function. The daily information is interactively confirmed to form a unified library structure information. Full integration of services.



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