Software Empowers Vehicles- Neusoft Reach is building future’s automotive SDV ecosystem.
Jan. 7th - 10th, 2020. As an innovative technology company, Neusoft Reach is well presented once again at CES 2020 with many refreshing  technology and concepts on applications related to software defined vehicles.

Advanced Driving Assist, Autonomous Driving: Strength and Innovation

Neusoft Reach ADAS/ADS team has strong background of 20+ years in automotive EE software development, and has built a solid customer base and supplychain ecosystem for production. At CES, Neusoft Reach released four more new up to L3 production ready products including DMS, high-precision positioning, new AIO and domain controller products. Neusoft Reach's well presented full driving assist line with NXP S32V chip-equipped and deep learning capability has attracted high attention from numerous vistors.

Intelligent Connectivity Embracing New Software Era

NeuSAR 2.0, new upgraded AutoSAR complianced software platform demonstrates its power capability in the development for higher level autonomous driving and telematic system. Meanwhile a universal domain controller based on NeuSAR is also unveiled.

As an essential connectivity technology, V2X fully facilitates "people-car-road-cloud" interconnection. Last October Neusoft Reach was the first to achieve "cross-chip module, cross-terminal, cross-vehicle, cross-security platform" application demonstration.

Software Empowers Vehicles, Fusion is Trend

At this CES, software as core competence Neusoft Reach demonstrated its practice of integrating autonomous driving and car-sharing- Smart Campus & QK2GO.

Neusoft Reach Software Empowers Vehicle is the key to intelligent vehicle transformation for the industry. At CES 2020, Neusoft Reach has successfully shared its SDV solution with the world. Jointly with industry partners, it fusions the strong power of basic software into intelligent vehicle ecosystem with innovation. 

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