Spotted! | 2019 CES Shanghai, Neusoft Reach “CASE”leads the future`s travel!

What kind of scene will the future travel be?

The answer to this question is at the 2019 Asia CES. This is a grand event for the world's automotive industry, showing the most promising and influential trends in the next few years. Intelligent network, electric, automatic driving, shared travel, etc. become high-frequency vocabulary once again.

The automotive technology exhibition area at 2019 Asia CES has doubled. The latest concept cars and intelligent networked cars have appeared, China, as the world's most promising automotive industry market, new technologies and products are emerging. New ways of travel are driving new innovations in Asia and global transportation. As a technology-based, innovative company that strategically organizes around "CASE", provides platforms and key technologies for the next generation of automobiles, Neusoft Reach brings a number of new products and technologies to participate in the exhibition, taking you to the concept of Reach from the "CASE" to "future travel".

Multi-dimensional Intelligent network takes you to embrace the 5G era

The 5G era has arrived. The wave of intelligence and networking in the automotiveindustry is unstoppable. once the ultra-high-speed network is built, the Internet of Everything will be in sight.

The maturity of 5G technology has promoted the landing of V2X, and the prelude of the intelligent transportation era has begun.

Neusoft Reach has participated in a number of standards development at home and abroad and joined the mainstream industry alliance (5GAA, CITS, TIAA, CCSA, ITS connect JPN); Reach can provide a one-stop comprehensive solution covering software, hardware, development and test platforms, and has 36 invention patents and a wide range of ecological partners. Cooperates with communication operators, car manufacturers, chip manufacturers, component manufacturers, research institutes, and intelligent network joint demonstration zones to jointly promote industrial development.

Neusoft Reach also brought a new product CarAuto cloud platform, which covers data collection, processing, analysis and display, and can be upgraded by OTA. Many Internet services such as voice assistants and personalized recommendations are available during travel. At the same time, it launched the CarAuto smart car networking solution based on the cloud platform, serving dozens of domestic mainstream car multimedia manufacturers. On the car side, whether it is Linux, QNX, WinCE or Android, CarAuto can be adapted. Our products are dedicated to providing efficient and intelligent car services to users, depots and development platforms.

The star ocean of autopilots, full speed on hardware and software

In 2007, Neusoft became a member of ISO/TC204 of the International Organization for Standardization, also a representative of China in the field of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance), AD (automatic driving), and a deputy director of the domestic ITS Standardization Committee. Neusoft Reach relies on more than 20 years of practical experience in the electronics field of Neusoft Automotive, with strong technical strength and a mature R&D team. So far, Neusoft's auto-driving L0 to L3 series of products have been mass-produced, and the L4-level unmanned laboratories are constantly upgrading their technologies and building core competitiveness for new trends and new forms in the future.

Autopilot domain controller: Supports up to L3 level autopilot and autonomous parking, based on deep learning and multi-sensor fusion, and supports the highest ASIL-D functional safety and information security OTA.

The driverless lab is committed to using the power of technology to secure a safe and comfortable L4 level self-driving travel service. At this stage, Neusoft Reach is aiming at the pain points of the current shared business operation scene, starting from the scene polishing, and gradually launching the L4-level automatic driving in China. Now it has realized the independent search, parking and parking spaces in the closed interval. Automatic car returning between business networks and also between urban trunk lines, and other functions. At the same time, the technology is based on the AUTOSAR-based basic software platform, covering remote monitoring platforms, remote control systems, 5G coverage and big data platforms.

NeuSAR includes cCore products for high real-time application scenarios and aCore products for high-performance computing applications. It conforms to the AUTOSAR standard and provides a complete software platform and hardware prototyping platform for next-generation communication computing architecture, covering design and development, verification and other full-stage development process.

Sharing travel and services, Reach builds a new model for future travel

With the development of technologies such as autopilot and new energy, the smart city and travel modes will usher in a new revolution, and the online and offline will be perfectly integrated. In the future, Door-to-Door will be realized, and the vehicle's energy supply, parking cleaning, repair and maintenance will be completed centrally by the travel delivery center. Cloud platform, big data, autonomous driving, new energy vehicle related technology as the technical support for travel delivery center, and travel delivery center will also become fertile ground for technical practice and development, leading the development of technology.

QK2GO: The urban public transportation service network integrating vehicle networking, charging network and parking network, helps users to solve the demand for vehicles and alleviate traffic pressure and environmental pollution. It has a complete operation and management platform, based on the application of mobile Internet technology and big data deep learning technology, to achieve inter-network connectivity, information sharing, unified payment and other functions.

Smart Campus: As a new strategic direction of Neusoft Reach, it is an incubator for technology and business innovation. It is a future travel platform based on Neusoft's intelligent key sharing technology for unmanned services and innovative service models such as automobiles. It is a test site based on Neusoft Reach's 2nd level ADAS system and a more advanced implementation of automatic parking for highly automated Level 4 and above. The future travel will not only be limited to vehicle technology, but will also encompass the entire ecosystem around the vehicle--- namely service, maintenance, purchase, charging, parking, etc. Smart Campus will be the perfect carrier for these services.

Electrification, Reach pressed the accelerate button


 On February 15th, Honda’s first pure electric vehicle, the ConCEPT VE-1, which was supplied by Neusoft Reach with battery pack technology and related components, was put into operation in “QK2GO”.

On February 21, Reach Denso (Dalian) Electric System Co., Ltd. officially opened.

On April 29, Neusoft Reach became the first chairman unit of the Innovation Alliance Battery System Branch, and the only construction and operation unit of the Innovation Center Power Battery System Sub-center.

In the field of electrification, Neusoft Reach pressed the accelerate button.

PACK: Provides complete solutions for power battery, high quality products and full lifecycle services for new energy vehicles worldwide. The concept of diversified battery core, design standardization, system weight reduction and application intelligence is integrated into the PACK design, and the products are supplied to the first-line main engine factory. The Wuhan plant has passed the IATF16949/ISO14001/ISO45001 system certification and a number of first-line OEM system audits. The power battery PACK has an annual production capacity of 100,000 sets.

BMS: Functional safety development started early and reached ISO26262 ASIL C level; A-SPICE (level 2) certified; software development based on AUTOSAR 4.2, completely independent development from the bottom layer to the application layer; both big data analysis capabilities; rich product architecture, it can meet the needs of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles. The mass production products are mature and have been verified by the market.

Battery Care: Big data analysis platform, focusing on new energy vehicles, based on deep learning algorithms, through multi-dimensional data analysis such as battery safety, battery performance, driving behavior, and working conditions, to achieve fault analysis and risk prediction, and reduce after-sales maintenance costs. Improve battery life and empower the car factory data!

RUIDONG system: Intelligent energy management system comprehensively utilizes electric energy and thermal energy, reduces vehicle energy consumption and improves cruising range. With double-sided water cooling, the hairpin technology delivers the industry's top power density. The standardized products were developed after accumulating production and development experience of two generations of products. The software is developed by a local team and produced locally in China for fast and immediate response.

With the rapid development of mobile internet, artificial intelligence and new energy technologies in the automotive industry, the future automotive industry will be more open, and will be further developed in the direction of network, intelligence, sharing, and electrification. It corresponds the all-round transformation of the core technology, industrial base and industrial ecology of the automotive industry. Neusoft Reach takes "CASE" as a breakthrough, and strives to create a car-centric overall platform business, accelerate the integration of emerging IT technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, security, platform, etc., to create a new ecosystem of the automotive industry, and build the future trip.

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