Neusoft Reach Software Solution Go Adaptive
On November 22, 2020, Neusoft Reach (NSR) released its NeuSAR 3.0 and ADAS & ADS new product and software platform solution in Guangzhou, China, supported by many distinguished guests from CAAM (China Automotive Association of Manufacturers), Auto Business Review, OEMs, Tier 1s and eco-partners.

Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) has been in continuous development by the industry. NSR today released its self-developed and newly-upgraded 3.0 platform for both AutoSAR Classic and AutoSAR Adaptive, fully equipped with functional safety ASIL D, high performance SOA stacks, cyber security extension, virtual authentication, and tool chains. NeuSAR has achieved from basic functional level to well adaptive to various applications including its DCU and ECU Tier 1 and OEM customers in powertrain domain, body control domain, vehicle central domain and ADAS domain, supporting key SoCs from NXP, TI, Infineon and Cypress.

NeuSAR, as one of few AutoSAR partners in China, has strong advantages in integrating both Classic and Adaptive platforms and developing extended modules for customer demanded SOA features. By 2021, its full integrated platform will be in full production, as well as its new development on vehicle-cloud collaboration solution.

NSR has been working on ADAS/ADS product development for 16 years. Today it also released the adaptive automatic driving computing platform eco-software pack, supporting SOA architecture, high performance, real time, cyber security, and multiple sensor interfaces. Leading in proprietary algorithm, its full pack can evolve and adapt to the ever-changing automatic driving features and functions demand. NSR has been chosen by various OEMs both in passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles as ADAS/ADS strategic Tier 1 partner with its renown M-Box, X-Cube and X-Box product series. Today it also released X-Cube 3.0 integrating multiple features including FCW, PCW, AEB, AEB-Junction & Crossing, ACC, TJA/HWA, LDW, DSM, LKS, ISA, IHC, TSR, meeting CNCAP2021-2022 and its production-ready X-Box 3.0 DCU targets L0-L3 features including driving control and parking assist.

It is inevitable that the industry is seeking software defined vehicle, data-driven, hardware and software decoupling, modularized software solution toward the centralized architecture. Neusoft Reach, committed with its experienced talents and resources, will continue its inclusive development, together with its eco-chain partners.
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